I Bianconeri (The White and Blacks), I Robur (The Strength)

Founded: 1904, Refounded 2014 and 2020, Stadium: Montepaschi Arena, Capacity: 15,373

Formed in 1904 as Società Studio e Divertimento (Society for Study and Entertainment), as a sports club characterised by a black and white striped jersey which was derived from the city of Siena coat of arms. It founded its football club, named Società Sportiva Robur in 1908. Siena failed to register for 2014-2015 Serie B on 15 July 2014, later announcing their bankruptcy. In July 2014, the club was refounded under new legal person società sportiva dilettantistica Robur Siena, restarting from 2014-2015 Serie D. Siena failed to register to Serie C after the end of the 2019-2020, and the club was successively refounded as ACN Siena 1904 under the ownership of an Armenian group owning Armenian Premier League Football Club FC Noah. The club was then readmitted to Serie C in 2021 to fill a vacancy, and then sold to Italian group Global Service in June 2022. The club was subsequently renamed to Associazione Calcio Robur Siena 1904. ACR Siena’s main rivals are US Grosseto, SS Arezzo and ACF Fiorentina. The crest of the team consists of colors black and white, which are the colours of the city’s coat of arms. In the past the crest also contained the Capitoline Wolf which statue can be found at the Siena Duomo. According to a legend Siena was founded by Senius and Aschius, two sons of Remus. When they fled Rome, they took the statue of the She-wolf to Siena, which became a symbol of the town. In the latest crest is a more modern version which contains the word “Robur” meaning strength.
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