I Granata (The Maroons)

Founded: 1919, Stadium: Mapei Stadium, Capacity: 21,584

AC Reggiana 1919 was originally founded in 1919 but was refounded in 2018 as Reggio Audace FC, after already been refounded in 2005 as Reggio Emilia FC. This after going bankrupt twice. In both occasions, the club regained the naming rights and the trophies of A.C. Reggiana. The team’s home jersey color is grant (maroon), hence the nickname “Granata” or “Regia”. However, the team’s shorts are traditionally dark blue, and their badge has traditionally been an orange football surrounded by the text: “Associazione Calcio Reggiana ” surrounded by a Granata border. The main rival is AC Parma against whom they play the “Derby dell’Enza” also referred to as the “Derby del Parmigiana Reggiano”.
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