I Giallorossi (The Yellow and Reds), I Lupi (The Wolves)

Founded: 1927, Stadium: Stadio Olimpico, Capacity: 70,634

Associazione Sportiva Roma was founded by a merger in 1927 between Roman FC, SS-Alba-Audace and Fortitude-Pro Roma SGS with the exception of Lazio. The purpose of the merger was to give the Italian capital a strong club to rival that of the more dominant Northern Italian clubs of the time. Since 1953, Roma has played home at the Stadio Olympico, a venue the club shares with city rivals Lazio. In Italian football, Roma is a club with many rivalries; first and foremost is their rivalry with Lazio, the club with whom they share the Stadio Olimpico. The derby between the two is called the “Derby della Capitale”, it is amongst the most heated and emotional football rivalries in the world. Against Napoli, Roma also compete in the “Derby del Sole”, meaning the “Derby of the Sun”. Nowadays, fans also consider other Juventus (a rivalry born especially in the 1980s), Milan, Atalanta (since 1984, when friendly relations between the two clubs’ ultras deteriorated), and Internazionale (increased in recent years) among their rivals, as they are often competitors for the top four spots in the league table and qualification for the UEFA Champions League. The club’s home colours are carmine red and golden yellow, which gives Roma its nickname “I Giallorossi (“The Yellow and Reds”). These colours have often been combined with white shorts. A popular nickname for the club is “I lupi” (“the wolves”). The animal has always featured on the club’s badge in different forms throughout their history. The emblem of the team is currently the one which was used when the club was first founded. It portrays the female wolf with the two infant brothers Romulus and Remus illustrating the myth of the founding of Rome, superimposed on a bipartite golden yellow over a maroon red shield. In the myth from which the club takes their nickname and logo, the twins (sons of Mars and Rhea Silvia) are thrown into the river Tiber by their uncle Amulius. A she-wolf then saved the twins and looked after them. Eventually, the two twins took revenge on Amulius before falling out themselves – Romulus killed Remus and was thus made king of a new city named in his honour, Rome. The most known club anthem is “Roma (non-si discute, si ama)”, also known as “Roma Roma”. The title roughly means, “Roma is not to be questioned, it is to be loved,” and it is sung before each match.
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