Gli Azzurri (The Blues)

Founded: 1920, Stadium: Stadio Carlo Castellani, Capacity: 16,284

Empoli FC was founded in 1920. As is the case with most football teams, they are named after their place of origin – Empoli, Tuscany. The side is part of a select group of Italian football clubs that do not belong to a provincial capital city that have participated in the top-flight. Throughout the club’s history, the crest has always been a constant having been changed just three times in a hundred years. Originally, the crest of Empoli consisted of two circles inside which there was the letters of the acronym in white and superimposed. The one that has had a longer life is the one that represented the stylized image of the parish church of Sant’Andrea, which has always been the symbol of the city of Empoli. The second substantial change arrives in 2013-14 and then reciprocated last year on the occasion of the centenary. Today the logo is a blue shield with a white border running around the edges. Within the shield, the first letter of each part of Empoli’s name is combined to create an interesting shape. It also features Empoli F.C. written along the top and the year 1920 along the bottom. 
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