I Pitagorici (The Pythagoreans)

Founded: 1910, Stadium: Stadio Ezio Scida, Capacity: 16,647

FC Crotone was founded in 1910. The club is based in the ancient Greek settlement of Kroton, one of the first Greek colonies in what is now known as modern day Italy. The club is proud of their Greek origins with their banners and slogans and regularly depicting Greek icons such as soldiers of Sparta. Team colours are dark blue and white due to their Greek origins and also red. The club’s kits are traditionally dark blue and red stripes. The team’s mottos are “Salutate la Magna Grecia” (Salute Greater Greece) and “Noi siamo la Magna Grecia” (We are Greater Greece). The crest of the FC Crotone has been undoubtedly inspired by the coat of arms of its home city. One of the club’s earliest emblems is just a copy of the heraldic emblem of its home city. In 1986, this badge was replaced by a three-pointed pennant, where the city’s emblem was positioned above a football. The background featured blue and reddish stripes. The main thing that was changed in the Crotone football club visual identity in 2000 was the shape of the logo. From the triangle, it turned to a square logo with a sharply pointed bottom and rounded angles. The redesign of 2005 worked a bit with the color palette of the badge, making the yellow elements look almost white, with the use of a very light and pale yellow shade. The current logo is just a modification of the one described above. This time, the overall shape of the emblem is an oval instead of the original shield, while the yellow fields and letters have been replaced by the white ones.
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