Biancorossi / Weiss-Rote (Whitereds)

Founded: 1974, Stadium: Stadio Druso, Capacity: 5,500

FC Südtirol was founded in 1974 as SV Milland Fussball. In the early ‘90s came the idea to bring professional football back to South Tyrol, because since the ‘80s with FC Bolzano, no South Tyrolean team played in a professional league. Negotiations for the takeover of FC Bolzano, which was in financial difficulties, failed. A South Tyrolean entrepreneurial group then took over SV Milland, founded in 1974 and based in a district of Brixen, which played before the acquisition in the season 1994/95 in the regional Eccellnza, but was relegated after that season into the Promozione. The team was renamed FC Südtirol–Alto Adige in 1995; Alto Adige is the Italian name of the province while Südtirol is its German indigenous name. The team’s colors are white and red. With these colors, the club shows its roots in the Province of South Tyrol and the city of Bolzano, which both have the colors of white and red in their traditional coats of arms and flags. The current logo of the association is a slightly different form of the badge used since the club was founded in 1995 to 2016. Among other things, the lettering “Alto Adige” was removed. The logo of the association is a circular badge with a white-red diamond pattern and a football inside. The logo is circled with the words “FC Südtirol” (German term for “FC South Tyrol”) and “Bolzano – Bozen”. Compared to the previous badge, the diamond pattern was renewed and the red color darkened slightly.
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