I Biancorossi (The White and Reds)

Founded: 1902, Stadium: Stadio Romeo Menti, Capacity: 12,000

L.R Vicenza was founded in 1902 as Associazione del Calcio in Vicenza. It is the oldest team in Veneto. They became Lanerossi Vicenza in 1953, then Vicenza Calcio from 1990 to 2018 when they were declared bankrupt. Renzo Rosso, owner of fashion brand Diesel, merged its Bassano Virtus and some of the assets of Vicenza Calcio into one team, L.R Vicenza Virtus, which plays in Vicenza, while the two sides will preserve their distinct youth teams. Although L.R. Vicenza only won one trophy, the Coppa Italia in 1996-97 they have fielded some of the biggest names in Italian football. Paolo Rossi became a star 1976-1980 and European Footballer of the Year. Roberto Baggio made his professional debut at the club in 1982. The peculiarity that has defined the identity of the Vicenza team is linked to its relationship with the Lanerossi textile brand, so much so that it became the symbol on the white-red jersey and in the crest. Vicenza became to all intents and purposes the professional team of the textile company, bearing the crest composed of an R. Lanerossi remained the owner and sponsor of Vicenza until 1989, when the textile company was bought by the Marzotto group and the team sold to Pieraldo Dalle Carbonare and renamed Vicenza Calcio. The crest then changed and had a white background with the letter V and Vicenza Calcio 1902 on top. This logo remained in place until 2018, when Vicenza Calcio,was only one step away from bankruptcy. The club was taken over by Diesel boss Renzo Rosso, who renamed the club Lanerossi Vicenza Virtus again. The new patron, very attentive to the letter R, brough the letter back as the new corporate logo, continuing a tradition that through soccer has gone beyond the simple sponsorship becoming an integral part of the team’s identity. 
1953-1990 (2)
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