Leeds United FC

The Peacocks

Founded 1919, Stadium: Elland Road, Capacity: 37,890

Three -time league champions Leeds reached the peak in 1975 when they were runners-up in the European Cup competition. They have a loyal and enthusiastic fan base, while also being one of the most divisive clubs in English football. The club was formed in 1919 following the disbanding of Leeds City F.C. by the Football League and took over their Elland Road stadium. The club’s anthem is Marching on Together. Leeds share rivalries with Manchester United, Chelsea and Millwall, as well as with local teams such as Huddersfield Town, Bradford City and Sheffield Wednesday. The club’s badge features the White Rose of York together with the monogram LUFC. Leeds United’s first badge appeared in 1934. Like Leeds City before them, the club adopted the Coat of arms of Leeds. A perching owl badge was added to the strip in 1964. Between 1971 and 1973, Leeds used the “LUFC” script that runs down the centre of the current badge In 1973 came the embodiment of 1970s imagery with the iconic “smiley” badge, made up of the letters L and U in bubble writing. In 1977, the smiley badge was rotated through 45° and the yellow and blue colours were reversed. In the 1978–79 season, a new badge appeared that was similar to that of the previous season, except now the words “LEEDS UNITED AFC” enclosed a stylised peacock (a reference to the club’s nickname, “The Peacocks”) rather than the yellow smiley. In 1984, another badge was introduced which lasted until 1998, making it the longest lived of the modern era. The distinctive rose and ball badge used the traditional blue, gold and white colours, and incorporated the White Rose of York, the club’s name, and a football in the core section. In the 1998–99 season, the club logo was replaced with a more “European” shield design. On 20 February 2019, Leeds United revealed a predominantly gold coloured badge that would be worn on the players’ kit during the club’s centenary season. The badge retained the existing shield design, but replaced the “LUFC” script with the words “LEEDS UNITED” above and “100 YEARS” below the shield. The crest also carried the date “1919”, the year that the club was founded, as well as the centenary year “2019”.
2019-2020 100 Years
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