Le Zebrette (The Little Zebras)

Founded: 1896, Stadium: Stadio Friuli, Capacity: 25,144

Udinese Calcio was established in 1896 as part of the Società Udinese di Ginnastica e Scherma, (Udinese Society of Gymnastics and Fencing). It is the second oldest club in Italian football after Genoa. The club has many fans in Friuli and the surrounding areas. Local rivals are Triestina. One of the earliest known logos (the early 1970s) was based on the letters “ACU” (the initials of the old name of the club, Associazione Calcio Udinese). In the 1970s, the logo changed into a sharp and strict crest with a vertically striped black and white background and only three letters — “A”, “C” and “U”. The redesign of 1977 introduced a new abstract geometric badge, which was used by the club for another few years. It was a light gray circle in a black outline with a white rounded crest placed in the center and a black and white chevron pointing up and set over the crest. In the middle of the 1980s, the badge was redesigned. Another redesign took place in 1995, the circular badge came back to the Udinese visual identity. The crest that followed looked even more like the city crest – it borrowed its most prominent element, the black “mountain.” Initially, the mountain was positioned inside a white shield shape, which, in its turn, was placed in a grey circle with a black frame.
Early 1970s
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