Aquile del Sud (Southern Eagles)

Founded: 1929, Refounded: 2006, 2011, Stadium: Stadio Nicola Ceravolo, Capacity: 14,650

US Catanzaro was initially formed with the merger of two locals clubs in 1927 before being officially founded in 1929. They were re-founded twice, once in 2006 and again in 2011, bot for financial reasons. They have a great rivalry with Cosenza Calcio. Just like their neighbor, they are supported by a religious figure, a famous nun who leads the fans in the stand. Since its foundation the official colours of the club have been red and yellow. The club’s official crest, the corporate coat of arms consists of a shield in which stands the historic symbol of Catanzaro, the Golden Eagle, faithfully taken from the city’s coat of arms, which holds a blue ribbon on its beak bearing the motto Sanguinis effusione, motivated by the losses reported in various battles by the Catanzaro fighters. On the belly of the eagle takes place a shield that reproduces the three hills on which the city stands. A vertical line splits the emblem in two, so as to allow the insertion of the team’s social colors, which is completed by the name of the team, placed at the top on a blue background
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