Le Triglie (The Mullets), Gli Amaranto (The Dark Reds)

Founded: 1915, Refounded: 1991, 2021, Stadium: Armando Picchi, Capacity: 14,267

Founded in 1915 as A.S. Livorno Calcio. Livorno were one of the original sides of Serie A, but since the 1950s have been mostly outside of the top flight due to two club refoundings in 1991 and 2021, which necessitated a start from the Eccellenza (amateur level). Their supporters are amongst the most fervent in Italy. Livorno’s supporters are well known for their left-wing politics which often spark fiercely violent clashes with opposing right-wing supporter groups, especially those of Lazio and Verona. The team’s colours are dark red (amaranto in Italian, from which the team nickname derives. Also their crest contain these colours along the letters “ASL” or recently “USL”.
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