Arancioni (Orange)

Founded: 1921, Refounded: 1937, 1945, 1988, 2009, Stadium: Marcello Melani, Capacity: 13,195

Since its inception la societá arancione (Orange Society) founded on April 21, 1921, has been characterized by its European inclinations, being the city historically a crossroads of historical-religious paths to and from the geographical areas of the Old Continent. It is no coincidence that among the protagonists of the birth of l’Arancione you will find the Hungarians Árpád Hajós and János Nehadoma, with the jersey inspired by that of Holland, which, like the city of Pistoia, boasts a strong floriculture. On 13 August 2009 Unione Sportiva Pistoiese 1921 was created by Pistoia’s mayor, Berti. The club was admitted to Tuscany’s Eccelenza league. The team’s colors are orange and blue which can also be found in their crest. The first versions of the crest contain the City of Pistoia Coat of Arms and the Red and White City Flag. The latest versions contains the letters “USP” of US Pistoia.
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