FC Eindhoven


Founded: 1909, Stadium: Jan Louwers Stadion, Capacity: 4,600

The club was founded on 16 November 1909 as E.V.V. Eindhoven. Clubs in the North area called the Randstad were growing and there was a need for a new team in Eindhoven too. Decided was to found a new club under the name E.V.V. short for Eindhovense Voetbal Vereniging. Club colours were blue and white, the blue came from the crest of the city Eindhoven at that time. At the end of the 30s EVV Eindhoven got hold of the Dutch Cup, the KNVB Beker (1937).  In 1954, Eindhoven were the last Dutch league champions before the introduction of the professional league. In 1997 E.V.V. Eindhoven left the professional scene and is once again an amateur club. A new professional club SBV Eindhoven (Stichting Betaald Voetbal Eindhoven) was founded, this name was in 2002 changed to FC Eindhoven. FC Eindhoven biggest rivalry is with neighbours PSV Eindhoven against whom they contest the Lichtstad Derby (‘City of Light Derby’). However, the clubs have not faced each other in league competition since the 1976-77 season. Nowadays, Helmond Sport are seen as the biggest rivals. The clubs are about 15 km apart and have been playing in the same league for years.
Late 70s
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