FC Emmen

The Red Whites

Founded: 1925, Stadium: De Oude Meerdijk, Capacity: 8,600

The amateur club Emmen was formed on 21 August 1925. When the Dutch professional league was formed in 1954, Emmen opted to maintain its amateur club status instead. In 1985, Emmen finally joined the professional ranks. Upon entering professional football in 1985, the professional division used the same emblem as the amateur division. n 1988 the club was split into an amateur and a professional section. The professional section was mostly called BVO Emmen ( Betaald Voetbal Organisatie, professional football organisation). A new logo was also introduced for this purpose in the early 1990s. The assumption was that a professional club should have a business, sleek and modern logo. In 2005 the club decided to go back to history: the name was changed to FC Emmen and a new, traditional emblem was introduced. The most important elements in the emblem are, besides the club name; the red and white coat of arms, a classic leather ball, the year of foundation 1925 and the characteristic elements of the Drenthe flag (the tower and six stars). FC Emmen’s rival was (in professional football) SC Veendam, until the latter club’s bankruptcy in March 2013.

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