FC Twente

The Pride of the East

Founded: 1965, Stadium: De Grolsch Veste (Enschede), Capacity: 30,205

The club was formed in 1965 by the merger of 1926 Dutch champions, Sportclub Enschede and Enschede Boys. They were the holders of the 2011 KNVB Cup and Johan Cruijff Schaal trophies, and were Eredivisie champions in the 2009-10 season; The team has also finished as Eredivisie runner-up twice, was runner-up in the 1974-1975 UEFA Cup and has won the KNVB Cup three times. Twente’s home ground since 1998 is De Grolsch Veste. When FC Twente was founded in 1965, the designer made a football at the time with the Twente steed in it as a symbol of combative and unyielding. The name of the then foundation “FC Twente ’65” was also incorporated into this first official emblem, which has lasted for thirty years. In 1995 a restyling took place in which a two-colored split of red / white in a circular shape was chosen, the club name “FC Twente” was placed in black letters in the top left. In 2006, the third and current emblem in history was presented during the 40th anniversary celebration. The old-fashioned ball in the background and the processing of the founding year provide similarities with the first weapon, while the modern iconic shield with the muscular prancing Ros is supposed to radiate a new future. This emblem has also been registered by the club. That over the years weapons were used that deviated from the above was mainly the choice of the clothing sponsor, mainly from a commercial point of view. The “Derby of the East” against Go Ahead Eagles was the game between the biggest clubs in Overijssel since the 1970s. When the Deventer team was relegated to the Eerste Divisie in the 90s and stayed there for a long time, the rivalry became less. In recent years, the teams have been meeting each other more and more in the competitions and this derby is slowly flourishing again. Matches agains FC Groningen were considered to be fraught, and riots often arose around the matches. This rivalry was erupted by an accident during a home game in 1991 when a motorist panicked into a Groningen supporter before the game, after which the incidents between the two supporter groups piled up. Violence has diminished significantly since the move of both clubs to new accommodations, but rivalry has continued.


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