FC Volendam

The eel farmers

Founded: 1977, Stadium: Kras Stadion, Capacity: 7,384

Nicknamed “de Palingboeren” (“the eel farmers”), the club was founded as Victoria in 1920, changed its name to RKSV Volendam in 1923 and emerged as exclusively professional club, FC Volendam, in 1977, following a split from its parent club. The club has a reputation as “the back-and-forth club” due to its numerous promotions and relegations between the first and second tiers of Dutch football. There weren’t many changes in the crest of FC Volendam. The last change was in 2014 to give the crest a modern look. The crest contains the name FC Volendam, a football and traditional Volendam Botter (Boat). FC Volendam lacks a true rival or a derby. There is actually no match of the year. Telstar and FC Volendam have been trying for years to announce their mutual duels as the fisherman’s derby, but it is really not alive among the supporters
before 1977

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