Go Ahead Eagles

The pride of the IJssel

Founded: 1902, Stadium: De Adelaarshorst (Deventer), Capacity: 10,000

Go Ahead Eagles was founded in 1902 as Be Quick. The name was soon changed to Go Ahead at the request of the Dutch Football Association in 1905. The club won the national championship in 1917, 1922, 1930 and 1933. In 1971, the suffix “Eagles” was added, following a suggestion from then the head coach Barry Hughes as the professional department of Go Ahead separated from the parent club. The eagle in the crest refers to the coat of arms of the city of Deventer. The five battlements of the crest eventually became four, so that each battlement refers to a national title. Finally, the ball represents the opponent who is held firmly in his grasp by the eagle. In the 1970s FC Twente became the arch rival, with which they competed in the Derby of the East. This match was the battle between the biggest clubs in Overijssel. When the Deventer team was relegated to the Eerste Divisie in the 90s and stayed there for a long time, the rivalry became less. Since the promotion of 2012, the teams meet each other more and more in the competitions and this derby is slowly flourishing again. Since its relegation to the Eerste Divisie in the 1990s and its stay there, the rivalry with PEC / FC Zwolle became increasingly fierce and the IJsselderby became notorious in the Netherlands. Despite its relatively recent origin, the derby is seen as one of the most striking in the Netherlands.
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