MVV Maastricht

Wearers of Stars, US MVV’ke

Founded: 1902, Stadium: De Geusselt (Maastricht), Capacity: 10,000

MVV Maastricht was founded in 1902. Because their logo is based on the city’s coat of arms, an armed angel holding a red shield with a white star, they are nicknamed “de Sterrendragers” (“Wearers of Stars”) and, in local dialect, “Us MVV’ke” (“our little MVV”). Until 2011, the club was just Maastrichtse Voetbal Vereniging, in 2011 the formal name changed to get the city name included in the full title. Promoted to the first division in 1957, MVV have played twenty-six consecutive years in the top flight. Since 2000 the club is playing in the second tier in the Netherlands. MVV has always been known in the Netherlands as a team with very passionate fans. In the eighties and early nineties, MVV had a notorious hardcore fan base called the Angel Side. The name chosen because of Maastricht’s city coat of arms, which features an angel, they were infamous for causing trouble and rioting on numerous occasions throughout the country. Today the group still exists but is weakened by anti-hooliganism legislation and the poor achievements of the team. The main rivals of MVV Maastricht are Roda JC and Fortuna Sittard. Roda JC-MVV is considered the main rivalry in the Dutch Province of Limburg
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