SC Cambuur


Founded: 1964, Stadium: Cambuurstadion, Capacity: 10,250

Founded in 1964, Cambuur has played a total of seven seasons in the top-flight Eredivisie. In the 1980s and 1990s, the club was a regular contender in the Eerste Divisie playoffs. Cambuur won the Eerste Divisie title in 1992 and gained promotion to the Eredivisie, but was relegated two seasons later in 1994In 1998, the club was promoted again to the Eredivisie, but again was relegated after just two years in the top-flight in 2000. In 2021 the club promoted again to the Eredivisie. The name SC Cambuur comes from the name of the district where the sports park is located: the Cambuursterhoek, also known as the Cambuurkwartier. The district is in turn named after the medieval noble family the Van Cammingha’s, who had their fortress on the spot where the stadium is now roughly located. The SC Cambuur club emblem is a modernized version of the Van Cammingha family shield, referring to the rich history of both the name and the location. The club crest can be described as follows: a yellow coat of arms with a lying red deer, the front legs outstretched. Accompanied by three black combs with two rows of teeth each: two combs from the top and one comb from the bottom. The crests in the shield are so-called speaking weapons, or weapons of which the image refers to the name of the wearer. The main rival of SC Cambuur is SC Heerenveen. The two clubs play the Frisian derby. These two clubs are the only clubs from the province of Friesland that play in professional football and therefore play in the highest echelons of football in the Netherlands. The match between the two clubs can also be described as a northern derby (not to be confused with the Derby of the North). The matches can be seen as a competition between city and region. Cambuur comes from the provincial capital Leeuwarden and also gets a large part of its supporters from there. Heerenveen is a smaller place, but the club knows how to attract supporters from the wider region.

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