Holstein-Stadion is located in the Kiel, Norther Germany. It is the home of Holstein Kiel since 1911. 2005, the DFB ruled that the old stadium did not meet the body’s minimal stadium requirements, claiming the stadium was no longer fit for football and was in desperate need of a substantial makeover. Failure to make the required upgrades would rule the club ineligible to play in the 2. Bundesliga or potentially result in the DFB revoking Holstein Kiel’s license entirely. In 2006, the city government and team officials subsequently developed a plan to provide 1.6 million Euros towards the renovation of the stadium. The most significant changes included the removal of the dilapidated concrete steps that formerly encircled the playing field which were in danger of collapsing and unsafe for large capacity crowds. In their place, two new covered grandstands were constructed along the former backstretch and behind the west goal. The new stadium has a crowd capacity of 10.200 and can be expanded to 15,000 should the squad advance into the Bundesliga’s First division. 

Location:  Westring 501, Kiel, Germany

Public Transport: With a valid Holstein ticket for a home game of the 2nd Bundesliga, you can travel to and from the game free of charge on the day of the game within the area of validity by bus, train and ferry. Excluded from this are the tickets for guest fans, which do not entitle you to free travel to and from the event. Please note the following conditions of carriage.

Bus and train connection: http://nah.sh.hafas.de

Capacity: 10,200

Official Tickets: https://www.holstein-kiel.de/stadion-ticket-infos/holstein-stadion/#ticketinfos

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